Steps To Solve Canon Printer Error Message 1403

Canon printer is one of the most preferred devices for printing purpose. But sometimes it suffers from unexpected errors, 1403 error is one of them. This error occurs due to damaged print head issue. Here in this situation you are highly recommended to change it with the new one. If you think that bug is un-understandable then consult with Canon Customer Support either follow the below well defined steps to fix Canon Printer 1403 error.

Steps to Solve Canon printer 1403 error Message:

As we know that this is the print head error and occurs in the cartridge. Don’t get irritated or just fix it using some recommended and well explained steps. 

  • First of all open your printer and wait for few minutes to get carriage slide over automatically.
  • Now, from the print head section remove ink cartridges.
  • Use cotton swabs and dunk it in hot water either a mixture of hot water and isopropyl. Now use it to clean print head. Also clean all of its parts contacts should be cleaned deeply inside.
  • Do this until you get complete clean off of all ink residues.
  • Once you get process completed, wait until it gets dried up and then change the cartridges. Now check that issue has been resolved or not.

Contact to Canon Customer Support Number to repair Printer Errors:

Further you have any difficulty then call to Canon Support Number to get proactive replies to fix canon printer issues. Communicate with tech experts and fix the issue fastest as quick you need.

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